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Men's Spy Watch with Flameless Lighter - 00-LitAF


Feel like a secret agent! 

The 00-LitAF is exactly what it says.  Like James Bond, this slick and stylish wristwatch is more than just a time piece, it's a secret flameless lighter.  Spark that and get LIT AF!

Free Shipping Worldwide

  Never lose your lighter again.  (or have it "accidentally stolen")

 Windproof and flameless

 A great gift for your friend


Common responses from friends:

"What the heck did you just do!?"

"HOLY S**T, that's cool, where'd you get that?"

They grab your wrist, try to figure it out, and you laugh:)



A simple USB plug to charge in an hour. 

Easily adjustable to different wrist sizes

5 Different Design Combos to match your taste. 

Looks Great. Suit or Sweatpants, I am always ready to light one up. 



Quarts Wristwatch

Watchband is Stainless Steel

Not waterproof